Causes of Depression

Causes of Depression

Feb 22

Depression is a mental disorder which causes in sad mood and less interest in daily works. Different people define depression differently. Depression makes a man sad, mentally disturb, stressful and pessimistic.

Approximately 5% of adults are indulge in this disease globally. Research says, 9% of women and 6% of men between 18 to 25 years old are suffered which is approximately 15.2% globally.

Research says, depression is the cause of chemical imbalance in mind. Sometimes chemicals reach too high or too low that cause of depression. It seems that these reactions are the cause of depression.
There is not absolute cause of depression. People may have depression in illness, on someone’s death, after seeing tragic accident, leaving loved ones or so on. Some people have family history of depression. Anymore, there are some reasons which increase the ratio of depression.

Let them find out below:


There are different kinds of abuses which causes depression. Physical, emotional and sexually are some important causes of depression. Abuse in family issues, house workers and work places is common in these days.


Age plays key role in having depression. Young generation highest ratio of depression over the world. In this age, people live alone and have sad mood most of the time. They people don’t have any social support and feel sorry for their life.


Although both male and female sexes get depress but female are more depressed than men. It can be male dominancy or female’s hormone in body which can be caused of depression. No one yet sure the cause, but fact is females are more depressed.


Death of loved ones can be the core cause of depression. Burying someone with whom you have spent life is not easy for anyone. So after the death of loved ones, so many people go into depression.


Love is natural phenomenon. Human needs love. It can be with anyone. Losing your love is the worst time of life for people. They have planned their life with loved ones. When people loss their love, the probability of depression get high.


Family is the place where one brought up. People wants to see their family happy and prosperous. When someone see his/her family facing troubles either it is inside the family or outside it causes depression.


There is a famous saying,


Nowadays, social media has become need of world. People connecting with each other via social media. But it has seen that people who use social media much, he/she has more chances to get depression.


Drugs give mental peace for sometime. Some people use drugs for fashion. But excessive use of drugs cause to depression. People who use drugs are mostly self isolated. They don’t live normal life. These people face depression issues.


Depression is a serious disease which is getting people into it. There are different reasons of depression. In this article, it is tried to convey the different major causes of depression.

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