How to stay motivated in life

How to stay motivated in life

Dec 23

We, as humans, are a very complicated species. There is always something or the other on our minds and we are always aiming for a better future. However, during the process of growing as a person and bettering your career, there are constant hurdles which erupt from within ourselves and that are what makes those goals a bit more difficult to achieve.

The main problem is the lack of motivational thoughts in us as humans. More often than not, a person would most likely doubt his or her life choices than being thoroughly confident about the fact that whatever they did choose was indeed in the best interest for them. But that rarely happens. Whenever someone has to make a difficult decision or is going through a stressful time, the effect of that takes a toll on his or her mood or personality instead of them just being rational thinkers and taking everything step by step to decide how the situation should be tackled.

For example, if you consider the life of a student and the constant pressure they have to face due to the huge pile of work they have to get done with, the moral of the story will become quite clear. If he or she has several deadlines along the same time, instead of cracking open a journal to organize their thoughts and coming up with ideas for better time management, the student would most probably be stressing out about the deadlines and undermining their skills. It is in a person’s nature to always think that he or she is not good enough.

The reason for this thought process is the perfectionist thinking that is embedded into their minds by a not so perfect society. Everyone wants their children or even themselves to just be perfect in every aspect of life. But that is a very naïve way of living life. Humans were not made to be perfect; they were made to be different, each in his or her own area of expertise. No one in this world is perfect, everyone has their flaws and shortcomings but that is what makes them have their own unique personality which you cannot find in any other person in this entire world.

Instead of developing motivational thoughts in today’s generation, we have filled their heads with the notion of being extremely competitive; that they have to be not just better than everyone else, but the best. Not every single person in the coming generation can be best in something their parents want them to be best at. That is nearly impossible for every single person of this generation to be excelling in the same field of study, sports or whichever another aspect of life you pick. Everyone has a different set of skills; this is exactly why there is such diversity in this world if you consider this with an open mind. The world would truly be very monotonous if everyone was put to one task whether they are good or bad at it.

This mentality has been given a whole new meaning to the existence of social media. While most would argue that social media is a good thing and that it keeps everyone connected from all around the world, it has a horrendous flip side to it as well that just nullifies the goodness that it supposedly implies. With social media being so hyped up the competitiveness level amongst people has increased just as much. People go to extreme lengths just to surpass the number of followers of someone else they are following or take more “daring” pictures than the next social media account. It has made the generation focus on more materialistic stuff than have them focus on things that actually matter.

Another negative that is attached to the social media is much worse than the competitiveness factor of it. it has allowed people, who are filled with hate and have nothing better to do, a platform where they can just go online, securely behind a screen and play their parts in cyberbullying others on the internet. While some people would be unfazed by the negative comments being passed about them, other people really take it seriously. It depends on what background they are coming from or where they are in life.

This is a major contributor to the depression and suicidal thoughts that are prevalent nowadays. Teenagers, especially have to handle a lot of pressure both in real life and online. If there are issues in their personal life, they may think of social media as a way out where they can express themselves openly without any judgment and that can just be a personal space for them. However, unfortunately, that is not how it works in this day and age. It takes very less time for someone who has not experienced similar situations to go online and harass or make fun of the other person.

It is very important for us, as human beings, to come together and focus on embedding motivational thoughts within the new generation rather than tearing them down. They are responsible for our tomorrow, it is very important that they start off with a supportive group of people who help them through any difficult situation that they may be going through in their life.

The first step that needs to be taken in order to spread positivity amongst people is to help them develop motivational thoughts which they can use as a support to help them move forward in life. if you are motivated about your life and everything you do, in general, it is guaranteed that you will be able to lead a healthier, happier life than if you are always negative about yourself. The way that motivational thoughts will work as a guide is that it will allow you to realize your value and worth so that you will have no second thoughts or doubts about yourself if someone tries to pull you down in life.

Staying motivated will let you explore yourself and your skills in a way that you would never have been able to do before. It is very important that you are confident about yourself and know that you have this unique set of skills which make you different than other people. Everyone has their own thing that they are good at, but more often than not they think that their skill set is not good enough to go ahead in life. If you notice, all the best actors, artists, poets and musicians have had a very dark and disturbed background which follows them throughout their life due to some reason or the other. But the major reason is that they focus more on the negative side of life rather than their uniqueness in the industry that they excel in.

There should be motivational speeches and discussions in school for students who are growing up to make them realize that they are worth more than just an A grade in their courses. It is very common for someone who is not good at studies to face immense pressure both at school and from his or her family but what they do not realize is that the said student could have a talent that is much better and bigger than excelling in school. Parents and teachers really need to start letting kids breathe and be open about their life choices, whatever they decide to do. They should be the ones inspiring them and motivating them to be different and set themselves apart from the regular crowd.

It is also quite important to not compare yourself to someone else in any field you are studying or working in. comparisons between people regarding studies or work lead to a number of problems that just become worse instead of getting better. Not all comparisons are negative though if you are comparing yourself to someone in a healthy way in terms of things that you may want to improve about yourself or the way they do things motivates you to do better, then that is a positive way of comparison and is actually going to be good for you.

If the comparisons fall under a negative light, then it can be an issue for you and it can instil negative thoughts rather than keep you motivated. For example, if you compare how your work does not match the other person’s work and you undermine yourself to the extent that you start becoming frustrated with the way you do things, then that is a negative way of handling things. Whenever you feel like you are stuck in a situation like this, listen to motivational speeches, look into people who started from a difficult place but have now ended up where they have always wanted to be just because they learned how to stay positive in life.

Keeping in mind the impact of social media on today’s generation in this day and age, we can actually use that platform as a way to spread motivational thoughts instead of hatred amongst people. A way to implement the effect of motivational and inspirational thoughts amongst people could be to just spread positivity every chance you get, especially online where it is easier to be more negative than positive.

These are some of the few things that can be done on a smaller scale in order to develop motivational thoughts amongst people. However, there are several ways to make it possible on a much larger scale but it will be a few extra steps and a lot more effort. The best way to make it happen is to use a social media platform to get your message across to as many people as possible and try to get sponsorships from different influential brands that could help on this journey to spread motivational thoughts. The involvement of brands and companies really helps to bring things in perspective and people take it as a more serious issue than if you work on it on your own; it will still be influential but not to a level at which you can go with sponsorships.

Once you get good brands to sponsor you, you can arrange motivational speeches in different parts of the city you live in and when that gain momentum you can expand the events to outside your city and arrange events around different places in your country. There are several people at the moment who have actually been able to achieve that and it has helped a lot of people bring their life on the track on which they have always wanted it to be.

Last but not the least, the most important way to keep motivational thoughts strong in your mind is to resort to prayers. It does not matter which cast or religion you belong to but prayers have a very strong impact on your life and the way you perceive your life. They make your mind clearer and you can just figure out a clear path on which you have to travel in order to fulfil your life’s journey. Praying also plays a very vital role in your life to make you more positive in life and not just that, you end up being a lot more grateful for everything that you have. Even if you are in a difficult situation temporarily, you will have faith and you will be grateful even for this situation because you will know this is for the best. These difficult situations will mould you into a stronger, better person in the long run.

At the end of the day, staying motivated falls on your shoulders, it just depends on the road you decide to take in order to maintain your motivational thoughts. It is also very necessary to know that you can talk to people about struggles instead of keeping it within yourself and becoming unproductive because of being unable to move on from something that has been constantly bothering you.

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