How to manage time wisely?

How to manage time wisely?

Oct 30

Time is an important aspect of our lives and nothing can be done without having a proper set of plan and routine. However, managing time wisely is a key to success where only few of the people can get a hold on it. Time is what makes life manageable, easier and maintained- only if it has been utilized sensibly. Time is what we want most, although, we use it worst. It is the most valuable thing one can spend, should be taken care of throughout the life circle. We surely face race against the clock. Mostly, time wins- and unfortunately, we lack behind. Nobody wants to left behind, everyone desires to run side by side. To fulfill this wish, extreme hard work should be done. For instance, prioritizing things and planning ahead. Moreover, setting targets and achievements of the day tasks- in this case, you would know where you’re lacking and how much time is given to each task. Did you manage time? Were you able to finish the task on given set of time? If not, repeat the same job until and unless you start meeting your desired target.


A successful man is the one who makes the day productive without wasting a minute of his time. In my opinion, everything can be done, it always depends upon the person and his/her will of doing it. If he is motivated/determined to become successful in life- he would assuredly attain good results in future. With the purpose of maintaining time, first, a person should start with the evaluation of his time. This means, a start-up should include his day-to-day activities. Determine how the day is spent, this could be done by keeping a journal for days or by making a chart or graph to assess how your time is spent. Make sure you keep track of things during the day that takes up your time: chores, school, eating, hanging out with friends, work and so on.


Be completely honest to yourself as to see how best you can manage your time. Especially, when you’re too upset about spending a lot of time on one activity. This plan would help you to choose and prioritize between the necessary and unnecessary work that should be done accordingly. In addition to that, start writing goals- now that you’re acknowledged about where most of your time is leading towards. How would you want it to be spent? Or, what would you like to change about your current routine? Has it been disturbing or well organized? If you observe any waste of time, note it down and try not to repeat the same in the following days.


Furthermore, plan your time. Provide yourself with a specific range of time to the task and evaluate if it is being completed in the limited time. Keep a separate list of things you would like to get through with first, then focus on the other. While doing all of this, don’t forget giving time to your loved ones; parents, siblings, relatives, also your personal time and relaxation. These should not be disregarded, since all of this holds a special place in your life.


Realize that your time is precious and valuable. Don’t rush yourself to meet every goal that you have listed down. This way you may start losing your trust and might even feel disappointed at times. Always keep yourself calm and relaxed while telling yourself “I can do it, I can make it possible. Don’t make hasty decisions that could destroy other goals inclusive in your life. On the other hand, multitask your work smartly- although it is challenging to accomplish different tasks side by side, for example, households; washing the dishes, cleaning the house, cooking food & much more. If you have multiple tasks, manage them by finishing the one you’re best at, therefore, pulling it off as fast as you could. Then, focus on the second best, and sequentially. Let’s say, your best working time is 9am in the morning, as your mind is fresh after the 8-9 hours of sleep you would get. Try working at a time your mind works efficiently, avoid working late at night when the mind performs least productive. Plan to do the work you feel could be done effectively in a specific time.


At this point, be prepared of your upcoming deadlines, assignments or events. Get ready to face any consequences. If you’re set and prepared, you would be ready to face anything without fear, since everything would move per your plan. It will be more advantageous than if you had no idea about what could come in your way and surprise you. Similarly, avoid lethargic attitude in your behavior, in contrast to keeping yourself away from distraction- it could be anything depending upon things or people distracting you. Think about the distractions you have faced in your entire life, keep away from them. For instance, if you’re a student and needs to focus with full concentration, find a place where you’re most comfortable at- it could be your own corner in your room or a library. If you feel comfortable studying in a peaceful place, do that. Although, again this is dependent upon person to person, some would find their comfort zone in a place where they can only hear music.

Try switching off your smartphones or any electronic data that is pushing you away from your goals and tasks. This would likely to increase the chance of focusing on your goal without having to think of other unnecessary issues. Thus, you would gradually start to feel an uplift in your life as your efficiency in being productive would start to rise. Additionally, reward yourself after completing a goal- it could be anything that might make you feel motivated and contented. Allow your mind to relax by going out to take a fresh air or by chatting with your friends.

Above all, these tasks can be accomplished by a person’s will and determination. How serious someone is to gain success. Time never returns for anyone, it is our duty to manage and become serious in our lives, attaining knowledge, experience and stamina.

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