Planting tree is the need of time

Planting tree is the need of time

Feb 02

World is facing climate change issue nowadays. Some developing countries have paid more than their part in destroying climate of the world. Different countries are adopting different ways to get rid off from this issue.

Planting tree  is considered most environment friendly activity, people can engage in to help the planet. Trees provide numerous long-term and short-term benefits. Trees are the guarantee for earth safety.

 Trees not only just look good, also exhale and inhale carbon from the atmosphere. Trees are caused to slow down heavy rains to reduce the risk of flooding and improve  air quality and provide better oxygen, also reduce the urban heat.


Forest plays a vital role in cleaning the air, clean the water and provide food to around eighty percent of the world’s living beings. Forests also provide jobs approximately to over 1.6 billion people, inhale harmful  carbon from the atmosphere, and play an important role in 25% of all medicines.

 Have you ever taken an Aspirin? It comes from the bark of a tree!


Trees are necessary for human, animal  and earth. Because of trees, nature has potential to heal people’s mental and physical health. Trees cool our urban center.

Trees are important for healthy societies and people. Majority of world population lives in cities. Over the world, cities are the most impacted places by climate change.

To meet the needs of people in changing world, the UNGA created the  UNSDG  to improve the quality of life for people. Different countries also individually working and planting trees.


Everyone know this that trees are the lungs of planet. According to a survey,  one mature leafy tree can produce enough oxygen for 10 people to breathe in single year.


Trees produce water. Approximately, 100 gallons come out from a mature tree in one year. Trees release CO2 through leaves and the photosynthesis process. 90% of trees water release through its leaf stomata as evaporation.


Tree plays a vital part in our carbon sink. In one year, single tree can absorb 48 pounds of carbon dioxide. It is important specially nowadays as air pollution in urban cities has reached on toxic level.

It’s idea that globally our forests absorb 40% of man-made CO2 emissions. Although, all trees do this but success one are those which are suited for the location.


According to a report, 60% of our species has declined in past 50 years. This includes, insects, small mammals and birds. More trees mean more home for this creature and strong ecosystem that can protect them.


Planting trees just not have benefits on environment but also good for us too. Trees make our society greener and leafier and relax us as well.

In Japan, it’s practice of taking walk  in the forest to make yourself relax. Japanese medicine believes that spending time amongst trees reduce your blood pressure a source of biotic materials like, fiber, wood, honey, rubber and so on. Tree industry is a big market over the world. Trees are the raw material for several industries.

Some other benefits

• Trees give us fruit and fruits give us vitamins and nutrients.

• Trees save us from the ultraviolet rays of sun. Ultraviolet rays cause skin cancer and trees save us from this disease.

• Trees give us wood and paper. Trees are canopy for wildlife.  Different birds have home in trees.


One of the Chinese proverbs says

 The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.

Trees are powerful, significant and important to us all. Trees, which are extremely important in our lives, offer a seamless service to the environment.

 Now it is people’s duty to plant trees for the survival of this earth and better health. The advantages of trees are difficult your to understand at first, but everyone should plat a tree to show moral support with world. Plant the right tree to suit the purpose.

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