Smart Technologies- Friendly Enemies

Smart Technologies- Friendly Enemies

Oct 30

There is famous saying that there is beauty in simplicity. In other words, we can say that simple things are always beautiful, or wonderful things are always simple. Human life is getting complicated with growing age due to lack of harmony between human beings. We have made it difficult for ourselves through our actions. In this article, we will try to point out some of the negative side effects of smart technologies on our lives. This is not for denying the importance of latest inventions but to avoid various mistakes to make our life better and comfortable.

Technology is a good servant that has made our life easy and comfortable. Education, advanced healthcare, smart communication systems, time-saving, life enrichment, etc. are the gifts of latest technologies to humanity. However, there are numerous drawbacks also associated with latest developments. Have you ever noticed that with the passage of time we are losing our tolerance and many more human aspects? Well, this is true we are no more human now, we are robots. You will be wondering about the statement that how can I say such. In this article, I will share the usefulness and also affects of smart technologies on our life.

We are living in the smart era; everything around us is changing into smart technology whether it is a phone, television, computers or anything else. Now, these things have made our connections and worked quite well but, on the other hand, also due to these devices our social life is getting hectic day-by-day. We can communicate with anyone around the world at any place, thanks to the internet and smart apps. I can check my bank account even in my bed on my tablet. Now, these things seem quite comfortable, but actually, they are not. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are popular social websites that are connecting people from around the world in a practical way. We can share our joyful movements, special occasions, and other important things easily with our friends. Now qualities mentioned above of such inventions make them so helpful to our life, but from the social point of view, they are hurting our lives badly.

Human society is a combination of communication through pure emotions and harmony. No society can prevail without sharing their joys and sorrows with each other. However, nowadays, we are neither sharing our joy nor our sorrow with each other. On social websites, we wish the birthdays and wedding anniversaries to our loved ones. Do you remember there were days when people used to arrange surprise parties for their friend’s birthdays and marriage anniversaries? Well, now it has been replaced by a single comment on the timeline of your beloved. These parties were not only arranged for celebrations but also were the platforms for old friends reunions. These parties were the best days of the year for which peoples used to wait eagerly. Another worst disease that the new generation is facing is smartphones and tablets. These things have diverse psychological effects on their life which they do not. Just observe at your home, when you are talking to your younger brother or son, he/she will be answering you while playing game or texting on this tablet or phone. Most of the time, you ask them about something, in reply they tell you something else. This is due to the lack of concentration towards ethical flaws. We can communicate through smart apps but cannot pay full attention to the person we are talking too.

Patience and Tolerance are two of the most important aspects of our life. However, again here I will blame smart technologies for finishing these qualities. In ancient Greek times, tolerance was regarded as the most important part of human’s life. A student in educational institutes was being tested through bitter criticism and other various ways to enhance their understanding. Now in the mechanical age, we are the slaves of technology. The machine cannot deny your order as it is made for it, whereas humans have the right to deny and accept anything according to his mode. Machines are meant to obey us at any condition, so when communicating in society, we do not want anyone to dissent with our statement and if he does the result will be yelling and in the end fighting. Psychiatrists are busy rather than physicians because there is a large number of peoples suffering from a psychological problem than other health diseases.That’s why Albert Einstein said  “fear they day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiot”.

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