Success Story of a Girl-Why did you need to change career

Success Story of a Girl-Why did you need to change career

May 07

This success story is about the beauty expert turning into an expert accountant. Her name is Jennifer Moss she has started her carrier as a professional beauty therapist. She’s in the business for the past ten years and she is passionate and love’s her job. She loves to treat people and train a lot of people during her profession.

She has never thought about changing her career until she realizes by helping her boss with the accounts and bookkeeping. While she’s helping her boss she thinks that she can do that job batter than her current profession from there she has to make her mind switch the carrier and started to learn to account. Her boss was a man who realizes and thinks that she can do the accounting job batter than her current job; he is such a nice and supportive man and helped her lot to understand the financial problems and business solutions.

Why did you need to change career?

In her opinion it’s not easy to switch your career or profession, but if you have an interest in something else you are doing and you think you can do and earn better by switching your career or profession than you must think about to change your career.

From the support of her boss and the way she learned and become an expert to manage all the business solutions and bookkeeping things, she started searching for a new job as a business assistant. She has a hunger to learn more about all this profession and she wants to start her career from the beginning to learn more tips and tricks of the business management and want to move on the highest ranks in any organization.

In the journey of her new career, she has done a lot of things in the field of accounts and learns all the basics and become a professional accountant through learning from each stage of her job. All the job stages grew her knowledge and she’s able to solve complex accounting solutions.

There may be a question in your mind why it’s necessary to study and get some accounting diploma? You need some educational background and some diploma or certificates to prove yourself eligible for the job. Your expertise is not the way to enter any organization, first of all, you need some documents to prove that you are the most suitable person for the job. Your expertise can help you to grow in an organization. So why not get the education which also provides you the degree and the expertise to enter any field.

That’s the reason she enrolled herself for some accounting diploma courses to get the job. There is another question of how you can manage the work and education at the same time? In the case of Jennifer Moss, she manages the timing of her work she came early and leave after completing her working hours to the home for study. If you can spend just a full two hours daily and some extra time on weekends for your study you can get the things done. The flexible hours of online study systems are very good for professional people to learn and earn an extra degree.

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