The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life

Oct 30

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Life is the name of never ending struggle and thirst to find a better living. We all struggle in various ways to find the purpose of life through which we can live a comfortable and satisfied life. Some people live eternally through virtuous actions by doing good deeds to satisfy their soul and live a happy life. Well to live a happy life it is necessary to have the right purpose of life because one cannot live life without creating a purpose for his life.

How to Find the Purpose of Life?

Many people ask themselves a question what is the purpose of my life? Only a few people are talented enough to find the purpose of their life, but it does not mean that only they can do so, and other are not smart enough to find their motivation. There is a problem with most people that they do not want to face themselves. Hiding from one’s self is not the solution; you have to solve the problem because you can hide from every person in the world but not of yourself. There are two types of people in this world one that is naturally talented or God gifted, and other are those that work hard to achieve their target. If you think you are neither natural born talented nor hardworking, then follow the mentioned steps to find the purpose of your life and also to live a satisfied life. Just like five fingers of the hand are not equal, in the same way, each of us lives a different life. Do not think that there is only one answer to the complicated meaning of life. Everyone can have his purpose, may be unique or something to share with others.

Do not feel fear or shy in doing new things as doing new things open new opportunities, experience and new insights into your life. It can also help you to create new ideas and new people to share and learn. Doing new things can reveal you the purpose you are living for. Sometimes doing new things does not go well or expected, do not worry at least it will improve the chances of finding the right purpose.

Time is precious or we can say time is one thing that we cannot bring back either by power nor planning. We share our time with friends, family, colleagues and other activities of life, but we do not have time for ourselves. Yes, this is true; we do not give time to ourselves and do not feel guilty about it. You are more important than everything in the world because you are the one that can understand yourself better than any other being. Give time to yourself in order to develop yourself, to consider yourself and to become more aware of you. It is very crucial to be aware of yourself if you want to find the purpose of your life. It is necessary to be aware of your value, your concept, and outcomes that you feel necessary.

Health is one of the most significant aspects of life. It is necessary to maintain healthy body and mind so that you can think and perform correctly. If you suffer from mental or physical problems, then you will spend most of the time in regaining your fitness. If you have no time to join a gym or other physical game then at least take a walk for half an hour daily. This activity will help you to remove mental and physical stress. Maintain your health in all possible ways so that you can work better.

Financial burdens can dominate and overcome your life. In fact, everyone lives to earn money and become financially independent. Becoming financially independent does not mean to be highly wealthy but it means to be worry-free from all expenses of your life. It also means to simplify your life and reducing your need of money. Do not make the purpose of life earning money because there are much more things to learn in life. Financially independent means not to rely on other people or welfares for the way you live. You need to be free to find or create the purpose of your life.

It is very difficult to find a purpose in life if you are the pessimist about life. Well, there are ups and down in life’s journey. Sometimes you face a situation that is totally unpleasant but it does not mean to give up or lose your hope. Nothing is permanent in the life; everything suddenly or gradually passes away. Negative thinking cannot bring any change or gain to your life; you have to be positive about life. Always be positive about what happens in life because it is positive thinking that can help you to change your life and to find the right purpose of your life.

The learning process of life does not stop when we leave school, but it continues throughout the life. Learning is about creating, finding and discoursing life. A wise man always learns from other so that he can easily go through life hurdles. You can learn from others and above all from yourself, your beliefs, your views and things that are important to you. Learning is the fundamental thing to create or find the purpose of life.

At last, I want to mention one thing that I personally go through on several occasions. Don’t think about your past whether it was bright or dark. Thinking about your past not only reduces the value of available things but also deprive you of motivation. Just love what you have at the moment and you will surely feel a pleasant change in your life. Free yourself from past and future worries to live a simple life.
Three simple success rules

One day I was listening to a successful man in a crowd. He summarized success in three rules.

  • First of all, clear your goal. Make sure you are going a right direction.
  • Work hard for it.
  • Pray for it.

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